Thriving Communities Work

The video of the conference brings to mind the power of amazing grassroots people who make a difference in our world today. The time together in March lifted our hopes, challenged us and perhaps asked us to think deeper about this “thriving impact” we find in most communities and how it might spread.

We have been humbled by the work you have inspired these last 5 years. In our effort to lift up the lenses of basic needs (food, local economy, health, shelter and water) we have shared moving, emotional and hopeful video stories. We hope/expect these videos to connect and inspire people to take action no matter where they live. The ripples of energy and connection of hope and action throughout our bioregion and beyond has had a catalytic effect.


Thriving Communities Work! We can collaborate and efficiently work together on common challenges facing us. There are emerging themes that seem to be common among many communities in our bioregion and beyond. Examples abound but these will be our focus in in the short term:

  • housing (at reasonable cost) for the increasing numbers of people of all ages,
  • “aging in place” in communities: growing old in our homes,
  • providing ways to support young mothers and their young children.

Many communities experience these issues and many more. We would like to explore ways to collaborate and connect and explore common challenges together.

Our focus will continue to be on grassroots efforts and the “grass-top” leaders who play such a major role in thriving.