A thriving community is highly connected, collaborative, caring and compassionate, and responsive to the needs of its members. Information and resources flow smoothly through the community from where assets and gifts exist to where they can be best applied. The people within a thriving community feel cared for, acknowledged, and yearn to give back to their community as a whole as well as to the people within it. There is a sense that "we all belong" and that the community is greater than the sum of the parts. Certainly, basic needs are met with respect and dignity. A thriving community is creative, artistic, and playful: it dances, sings, tells stories, and also knows the generative power of silence. A thriving community is healthy, and becomes healthier with time, and so it is sustainable and resilient to shifting outside forces. A thriving community does not become passive, but instead holds a balance of tensions that uplifts the community as a whole. A thriving community is therefore dynamic and evolving.~ Jeff Vander Clute 2013

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